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awash in flowers

Cinnamon was adopted by the Millers of Lakewood where he will live among cat friends.


The Enzerra family of Painesville have opened their home to Elliot.  He is a young, playful, and healthy male who loves attention and room to run.  With an all black body and long ears, he is very handsome. tall, dark, and handsome


Dudley is a special needs rabbit.  Despite his disability, he has an extraordinary personality and love for human interaction.  The Coles began his rehabilitation and then he was adopted by the Willison family, who will continue providing him with love and the care he needs. love for human interaction

a special rabbit

Fremont (formerly Ferreau)

Fremont (Ferreau) is a friendly 9 lb. boy with brown markings on his ears, nose, and feet.  Born in January 1998, Fremont loves cardboard boxes and tunnels to play in, and is used to cats and dogs in the house.  Fremont now lives in Cincinnati, at the home of Jennifer Elliot and family, and is making a go of it with pal Barnabus.

making a go of it


lucky to live with Lucky Kirby, left behind when his owners left their apartment, is now living the life of luxury with Gail and feline pal, Lucky.


one eye blue and one eye brown Blossom is residing in Cincinnati with Loretta and enjoying her new play area.  A one year old female Dutch mix, Blossom is a very pretty girl with one blue eye and one brown eye. She is very friendly and loves to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Murphy (formerly TJ)

TJ (now called Murphy) is happily making himself at home with Christine and rapidly teaching her how to interpret "rabbitspeak".

A very friendly, laid-back male lop, TJ has excellent litter habits and loves to have his head rubbed. 

how rabbits say "zzzzzzzzz"

Truman (formerly Sawyer)

Truman (Sawyer) was found abandoned and very dirty in a ditch near Hudson, OH.  He is all cleaned up now and has a safe and loving new home with Lee and lots of things to explore there.  He is a lop mix and has unique "airplane" ears that stick out to the sides. Despite his sad past, Sawyer is a sociable, playful guy.

Before ...


'fresh' from the ditch

all cleaned up

... After

Muffin (The Rabbit Formerly Known As Sara)

Sometime in September 1998, a lop-eared rabbit was born. Not much else is known about little Sara, except that months later she was found at one of Northeast Ohio's pet shelters. She now weighs 5 lbs and is very energetic. One of Sara's favorite activities is tearing up newspaper. a break between newspapers


I am using Eileen's E-mail to tell you I have been adopted. I now live with my boyfriend Snickers and his two pet humans.  My name is now Muffin and I get to run around an apartment with a big window.

Muffin (Sara)


after the salad bar

Geno is a friendly male bunny with plush agouti fur, 1 year old, weighing about 7 lbs. He loves human interaction and really hunkers down for a good petting session. He loves his salads and is a good hay eater.  Geno now resides in Columbus and is bringing lots of smiles to his new human companion, Katy.

Flora, Fauna, & (their mother) Pandora

<--- Fauna    Flora ---> Pandora in her box
Flora, Fauna, and their mother, Pandora, were adopted by the Dankos of Cincinnati, where they have lots of room to run!


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