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volume 10


in mid-mellow
Sidney has found a new home with Renee in Chardon.  A male lop, he is very friendly and enjoys being petted. Though he is playful and curious, he also knows how to relax and mellow out. His full-grown weight will be five to six pounds.


Sweet, friendly Iris was found wandering alone in a park with a puncture wound to one eye. That bad eye has been surgically removed and she is doing wonderfully now. She likes to be petted and enjoys playing in cardboard boxes and tunnels. Iris weighs about 5 lbs., has a great appetite, excellent litter habits and keeps her area very clean.

  alone in a park

Iris is now a permanent addition to Kirsten & Jeff's family.


Tyler found a great home with Norma & Dennis in Akron. accuracy counts, doesn't it?
  Tyler is an adorable male dwarf rabbit whose fur is shiny black with brown shading. He is about a year old and weighs just under 3 lbs. and is very friendly. He loves to nibble on and toss wicker baskets and is very accurate with his litter habits.



cleaning his kisser

Noah was found in a field, abandoned with some of his siblings. He had an injured ankle, which was healing while he was in foster care. He has unique markings on his very soft fur, such as brown bands around his feet and tail.  He is very sweet and likes to give kisses.

His ankle is now fully healed and he's bonded with his new pal, Tabby.


It took three months for the lovely Penny to capture the heart of Reese, a confirmed bachelor lop of six-years. She won his heart, as well as the hearts of the Bramley-Galambos Family of Tallmadge.

a Penny for your thoughts

Rudy (Deuce)

in his romper room

Rudy (the rabbit formerly called Deuce) is a young and active 4 pound spotted male who likes to romp around and explore new surroundings.

Rudy has found the perfect companion.  He was adopted by JoAnne Behr of Lakewood, who brought him home after a successful dating session with Tooney.  They proved to us that love-at-first-sight bondings really do happen!


living in comfort

Matilda found a new home with the Miller family and is living in comfort -- a far cry from the parking lot in which she was found.



saved from a field

Galia was let go in a field by her former owner. She's very active, loves her timothy hay, and shows off ankle bracelets in the fur on her front legs.

Galia is now living in PA with Mr. Nibbles.

living with Mr. Right

Melbourne & Brisbane (Ansel & Margaret)

looking for a session

This little spitfire is a young and active male -- approx. 3 lbs. -- born February 2000.  When you hold Ansel in your lap, he settles down for a nice pet session.

litterbox athlete

Margaret is a female weighing approx. 4 lbs. who was born September 1999.  Very alert, well litterbox-trained, Margaret's favorite exercise is throwing her box around her cage.


Ansel and Margaret are now Brisbane and Melbourne, and they are living the life two spoiled rabbits should live. They are in Columbus with Julie, a new member of the Buckeye HRS.


loves mixed company

Buster now has five girlfriends and lives happily at the home of our new fosterer, Rita Hitselberger in Euclid.

Note from Rita --
Buster is now adopted. My bunny girls decided to keep him. :)  Thanks very much!


Newman (yes, he has BLUE eyes) likes running around and exploring.  It was hard to get a good picture of him!  This very curious star was born September 1999 and weighs approx. 4 lbs.  He now has an Academy Award-winning home.

move over, Paul


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