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Our Favorite Photos

Album 2

Skipper and Zeke

101 Dalmatians Zeke hits the spot
the long and the short of it

--the Lewarks


black and white and red all over

-- Herta and David

C.D. Mansfield

C.D. is 'Chocolate-Dipped' chocolate-dipped
a quick snooze

-- Missy


the young Piglet

-- fostered by Kristen and Paul

UPDATE: Piglet has made himself at home with friend, Caramel, and new mom, Lisa Everman of Columbus. And here they are!...

Bonded & Adopted!

Tasha (Chiclet)

a bed of flowers
a rabbit in clover

..................fostered by.Kristi.&.Bill

call me Tasha!

UPDATE: Tasha (formerly, Chiclet) has found a new home and a new pal, Arthur, a sweet lop. They are showing Tracey and Larry how great a bunny couple can be.


dining out

As if she needs more to eat! -- Herta & David

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