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Joey and Buddy


Andrea and Mike Markey tell us that Joey and Buddy are fully bonded! Buddy loves to clean Joey's ears, and they are so cute when they lay next to each other. 

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Congratulations to David, Annie, and Buns. They have taken Sadie into their home where she has become a much loved addition to the Schmidt family.

Wild Boy

Submitted by Chris Clark & Vince Mazeika, Columbus OH

Bunnies in Action

Another Adventure!

Bunnies & Friends

Wild Boy taking his medicine (Rimadyl)
       -- Chris is helping him!

Bunnies in Action

When you're done with the comics,
can I have them?


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Travis and Hektor, bonding

Heidi Metzger's Travis and Hektor during one of their bonding sessions in a dry bathtub --

rubadubdub, two buns in a tub kissin'


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Harry, Fluffy, Chocolate, Peter, Snowflake

MI-HARRY.JPG (10906 bytes) MI-CHOCO.JPG (1872 bytes)

MIR-ALL.JPG (8951 bytes)

Hello, my name is Miriam and I am the proud owner of 5 house rabbits, 2 jersey woolies, 2 dwarfs and 1 mini lop. My "boys" are all neutered, bonded and living happily together in a small room of their own. I am always looking for information on Rabbits and other people in the Cleveland area who love them as much as I do. MI-PETER.JPG (7950 bytes)

I love cuddling with my "boys" and have taken all of them to work at 1 point or another and I now have many other people thinking about the possibilty of owning a rabbit.

-- Miriam Palevsky


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