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The Buckeye House Rabbit Society

Rescuer of the Month Award

Thank you, PetBunny!  Our rescued rabbits depend on the help
and attention of friends like you.

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thank you, PetBunny

February 15, 2000

Dear Buckeye HRS,

On behalf of the PetBunny internet mailing list, I am very pleased to award to Buckeye HRS the "Rescuer of the Month" certificate and donation!!!  First let me give you a little background on this ... over the years, several members of PetBunny have often expressed a desire to help out various rescue organizations, yet they did not feel that they could make a significant contribution on their own.  From this desire the "Bucks for Buns" idea was born.  We set up a monthly contribution fund for any members wishing to make a donation of any dollar amount.  We then nominated and voted on where our contributions should go.  The Buckeye HRS was chosen as the January 2000 recipient because of the wonderful work it does to save the lives of abused, abandoned and unwanted domestic rabbits!

Please accept our contribution as well as our heartfelt thanks for giving our furry friends a second chance at life.


Renee Griffin,
PetBunny "Bucks for Buns" coordinator


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