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Multimedia Rabbit:
House Rabbit Care Software


Multimedia Rabbit CD

Everything you need to know to keep your rabbit companion healthy and happy, aimed at the beginner to intermediate level.



Basics - physical traits, personalities, body language
Supplies - what every rabbit needs (including toys!)
Food - what to feed your rabbit (and what not to)
Care - grooming, trimming toenails, rabbit proofing
Health - symptoms, common health problems
Facts - 45 breed descriptions and photos
  • Over 150 full color photos
  • Video clips include:
    • Trimming toenails
    • Grooming
    • Thumping ... & more!
  • Plus a FREE rabbit screen saver!


Pentium 133 MHz or higher CPU, 16MB RAM, 75 MB free hard drive space, Windows 95 or higher, VGA display (thousands of colors at 640x480 resolution), sound card, 8x CD-ROM drive, mouse.

We are members of the Buckeye House Rabbit Society, and feel that the work you do is very important for rabbits everywhere, in rescuing rabbits and educating people.  One of our goals in creating Multimedia Rabbit was for the HRS to use it as a fund-raising premium.

David & Joyce Weaver
Presentable Software Systems, Inc.
North Canton, OH

Want to see a world-class binky?

Click on the star performer,
and watch

(this view is a
466K excerpt
from the longer original)

sample video from Multimedia Rabbit

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Buckeye HRS Shirts




Red Eagle pique 100 % cotton polo shirts in natural and in forest green with embroidered Buckeye HRS logo. Sizes: natural M only, green M, L

$27 now $15.00 each
Shipping is $3.50 for one, $1.50 each additional.

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cream polo (full view) cream polo (logo)
ash sweatshirt (logo) ash sweatshirt (full view)


Jerzee 50/50 sweatshirts in jade with embroidered Buckeye HRS logo.
Sizes: M only

$27 now $15.00 each

Shipping is $3.50 for one, $1.50 each additional.

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jade sweatshirt (logo) jade sweatshirt (full view)

Baseball Jerseys

Quitman USA 100% cotton baseball jersey in forest green with embroidered Buckeye HRS logo. Sizes: L only.

$27 now $15.00 each
Shipping is $3.50 for one, $1.50 each additional.

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baseball jersey (full view)



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[sorry, sold out]

Ohio artist Patti Seligman created these charming notecards especially for the Buckeye HRS.  Each drawing shows house rabbits socializing with each other or with special friends.  The models for all four designs are, of course, members of Patti's own household.

Bundled in packs of 12 (3 of each design) for $10 now $5.00.
[sold out]

Shipping is $2.50 per pack.

Card illustrations are exact, but the layout of the text seen here is only approximate.  Cards measure 4 1/2" by 6 1/4" when folded, with the illustration on the front and the text on the back.  Blank inside.  Medium weight, ivory cardstock, 100% recycled.

happiness is a warm comforter
Spaying or neutering is essential for your rabbit's long-term physical and emotional health.  Unspayed females run a high risk of reproductive cancers and may also be territorial or aggressive.  Unneutered males may be more difficult to litter train.  Spay/neuter is the best way to combat the pet rabbit over-population problem.

c 1999 Patricia Seligman


after the banquet
Providing your rabbit with a healthy diet will help him or her live a long and happy life.  Your bunny needs a daily supply of good-quality grass hay, a variety of fresh, leafy vegetables, and a limited amount of high-fiber pellets.  Don't forget to include fresh, clean water.

c 1999 Patricia Seligman


at home with everyone
Rabbits thrive indoors, where they can enjoy all the activity around them and where they are safe from predators and inclement weather.  Be sure to bunny-proof your home -- cover or hide electric cords, keep plants out of reach, protect valuable items from bunny's teeth.

c 1999 Patricia Seligman


give peace a chance
Rabbits are highly social creatures who crave companionship.  They form lasting friendships with members of their own species as well as with humans and other animals.  When introducing your bunny to other members of your household, make sure you supervise carefully.

c 1999 Patricia Seligman

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