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 Spring Raffle



We have a winner for our first-ever spring raffle -- Ama de Jong from The Netherlands!  We also have, for the first time, five runners-up, each winning a $10 voucher towards anything in artist Annette Tait's store -- Kathryn Haering, Tamera Herrod, Heather Baker, Patricia Brant, and Kim Shay.

Congratulations to all and an extra-warm thank you to Annette for making our raffle such a success!  We raised $362.  In most urban areas in Ohio, that amount of money can spay three rabbits or neuter four. It can spay five or neuter six in most rural areas.  The generosity of our members and website visitors is directly improving the health and quality of life of individual foster rabbits and putting them one hop closer to their forever home.

Happy Spring to all!

Ama's got a brand new bag

Shake off those winter blues and hop straight into spring with this one-of-a-kind, art-accessory bag. Scottish artist Annette Tait is generously donating "Blue Star White Star" for our first-ever Spring Raffle. Inspired by Annette's rescue rabbit, Arabella is wearing her favorite blue and white jumper. The stars are just like snowflakes and the material is of the softest cotton.

When going on a special outing, why not take your art-accessory bag with you? Arabella loves going to movie premieres where she can glisten like the brightest star. When at home, she loves to doze on a shelf while being admired by your house guests. She has delightful brown eyes and a sweet expression.

The bag is made of machine and hand-sewn parts. The straps are a strong black webbing. The sides are padded with fleece to give the body shape. The lining is a found soft cream cotton. A small pocket, from the same star fabric, has been added for a cell phone.

The edges are hand and machine sewn together with finished seams out. The base and chest are black felt and have a fleece insert for support. The face is hand painted in waterproof Gutta on a found white felt base. The legs have been drawn in with black fabric pen and machine stitched over. The plastic safety eyes are secured from inside.

Length approximately 10 inches x height 8.5 inches x depth 2.5 inches. Handle height from ears is approximately 5.5 inches.

Due to the small bits here and there, this bag is not recommended for children under 3.

Of her handiwork, Annette says: "This bag has been lovingly made and has a few 'my gosh!' and 'tut, tut' parts due to the hand sewing and sometimes erratic machine sewing. I just love this Arabella bag in her stunning stars and I hope she will find a loving home and make you happy."

All proceeds will go directly to our foster program and will ensure that needy bunnies have a safe haven until they find the happiness of a permanent home. Tickets cost $1 each and you may buy as many as you wish. All entries must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2009. Please include your phone number and email (if available) with your check or money order and indicate it's for the raffle. Mail your request to: Buckeye HRS, P.O. Box 5767, Athens, OH 45701.

If you prefer, you may use PayPal for ticket purchases of $10 or more. 

The lucky winner will be notified in early April and will receive the Blue Star White Star bag in time for Easter.


Artist's Statement

I live in Scotland and am a member of Etsy for Animals. I am a proud rescue mum to two precious gentle rabbits. I also donate 20% from every pet portrait I do to the rescue of choice.

I look forward to bequeathing more funds your way in the future. When I read the story of Malcolm, I had tears in my eyes! He is so beautiful and looks like my little precious Zai, who is no longer with me. My little boy Wesley, featured with this bag, had a shocking start to life but slowly he is becoming trusting, less biting, less charging, and now he grinds his teeth for an ear rub. It has taken a few months, but normally I find that it takes about one year before the bad memories go away and they find that the house is danger-free and only filled with love, joy, and happiness. Wesley is coming along nicely!

Annette Tait

See much, much more on Annette's blog --

Contact information:
Email: dhoy@lumison.co.uk

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