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The Buckeye House Rabbit Society

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We invite you to browse for attractive items below that you can buy to help support fostering and rabbit education in Ohio.  All proceeds go directly to our foster program, so when you buy from us, you're not only spreading the word that rabbits are great indoor companions, you're also helping a bunny in need.  Be sure to order enough for your family and friends, too.  Remember, holidays are always just around the corner!

For information on placing an order, visit our order form -- and print it out when you're ready.  Any other questions can be answered by sending email to karen@ohare.org.

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 Buckeye House Rabbit Society
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  2005 Calendars

Seize the Hay


room fresheners



Buckeye HRS shirts



rabbit-imprinted checks

license frame

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coffee mug

Rabbit Health
in the 21st Century


rubber stamps 
How to Live with an Urban Rabbit




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