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E-mail or phone # (for questions about your order) ___________________________________






2007 Men with Buns
  $12.00              1.50 ea             

     (Buckeye HRS)
     color: ________

              $27 $15.00              3.50 first
/ 1.50 add

Polo Shirt
     (Buckeye HRS)
     color: ________

             $27 $15.00              3.50 first
/ 1.50 add
Baseball Jersey
     (Buckeye HRS)
             SOLD OUT              3.50 first
/ 1.50 add
'Hop Till You Flop'
             $12.00              3.50 first
/ 1.50 add
Sweatshirt (embroidered)
     color: ________
             $27.00              3.50 first
/ 1.50 add
Multimedia Rabbit
$19.99 $9.95              1.50 ea             
Notecards SOLD OUT              2.50 ea             
License Plate Frame $6.00              1.00 ea             
Earrings $7.00              0.50 ea             
Keychain $2.00              0.50 ea             
Buckeye HRS Mug $8 $7.00              3.50 ea             
Rabbit Health
      in the 21st Century
$17.95              1.50 ea             
House Rabbit Handbook $10.95              2.20 ea             
Rubber Stamps:  
E-244 "Dust Bunny" SOLD OUT              see details             
E-069 "Lop Rabbit" SOLD OUT              see details             
B-093 Small "Fern" SOLD OUT              see details             
E-096 English Spot $8 $5.00              see details             
E-086 Large "Fern" $8 $5.00              see details             
'Seize the Hay' Tote $12.00              1.50 ea             
'Seize the Hay'
             $12.00              3.50 first
/ 1.50 add

Send check or money order to Buckeye House Rabbit Society, c/o Karen Salvagno, PO Box 96, Sullivan, OH 44880. Make all checks payable to Buckeye House Rabbit Society.  Thanks for your order!  All profits from this merchandise are used to help a needy foster rabbit.

(U.S. funds only)


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