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Get hopping to some great sources for rabbit info
or for other rabbits needing a home:


visit the House Rabbit Society national website at www.rabbit.org

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Our thanks to
 Adopt a Pet
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When Only the Love Remains:
      The Pain of Pet Loss

a collection of poems by
Emily Margaret Stuparyk

details and ordering

in memory of Poochie

Emily, Angel, Bumper, Suzybear


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  • Humane Society of Greater Akron at www.summithumane.org.   Click on Benjamin, a former resident at the HSGA, to see if there are bunnies at this shelter who need homes.
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Discussion Groups

  • Etherbun, a listserv for rabbit health and behavior issues. To subscribe, send a message to: dkrempel@fig.cox.miami.edu

  • Petbunny, a listserv for any topic related to companion rabbits. A good place to meet other bunny people. To subscribe, write "SUBSCRIBE PETBUNNY firstname lastname" in the body of a message and send it to: listserv@lsv.uky.edu

  • Housebun, a moderated listserv for rabbit care. To subscribe, send a message to: listproc@listserver.com. In the body of the message, write "SUBSCRIBE HOUSEBUN (your name).

  • The Warren is a friendly, international group of bunny folks who enjoy discussing the antics of their furry friends. To join, send a message to thewarren-request@mail.t-fcn.net with the words "subscribe thewarren email@domain.name" in the body of the message and nothing else (turn off your SIG file). For "email@domain.name," substitute your e-mail address.

  • alt.pets.rabbits, a rabbit-related newsgroup


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