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Volume 4

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Princess 4-9-95 to 8-2-05

Suzanne Milewski

When Princess was four weeks old, Greg (ex-husband) and I (Sue Milewski) got her from a lady I knew. Princess was our baby, and my first 'house rabbit'. She was very intelligent and quite a character. She was our 'cheap entertainment'! She made us laugh a lot. We used to joke that if she would just add vowels to the noises she made, she would be talking. She shocked my sister one day by running past her and yelling "Wheeee!" Princess would pose for pictures (if you gave her something to eat), but really did not like having her picture taken. She even stuck her tongue out at me a few times (yes, the pictures captured those moments). She had a sweet tooth and loved pizza crust, so you had to make sure sweets and pizza were not within her reach. Like a human toddler, I had to keep track of her when she was young since she loved exploring and getting into mischief. She did not like being pet-gated into an area, so she would find ways to get out. She seemed to have a 'cast iron stomach' and loved to eat our carpet, the back of our couch, and our wallpaper (including licking off wallpaper glue). Yelling at her to stop only made her defiant and more determined to eat as much of it as she could before you could stop her. None of the usual things could stop her from eating those things. Not apple bitters, not even Tabasco sauce (she loved it).

We almost lost her in January 1999, but thanks to Dr. Cathy Palomar-Castor, who diagnosed the uterine cancer and did the surgery, Princess was given a new lease on life. Unfortunately, Princess would not drink water after that, so I had to give her Pedialyte for the next 6 years! She needed daily "ear itches" and brushing, and later needed daily care of her bottom. But, she was worth every minute I had to spend to keep her healthy and happy! She loved her bedtime parsley. When I'd yell "parsley time!" she would do binkies or run real fast in a circle and make her 'happy noises', and then run inside her cage and turn toward me to get the parsley.

She kept me company after my husband left. I did not feel alone with her around, even though I lived in "the middle of nowhere" on top of a hill in West Virginia. She would greet me when I got home from work and poke at my legs when I was busy on the computer. I came home from work one night to find her sitting up in her litter box and having passed away probably just minutes before I got home. I miss you, Princess! Thank You, Jesus, for giving me Princess for all those years. What a blessing she was!



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