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Somebunny Needs YOU!

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This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized. Please print out this notice and pass it around.

Alma & Ellsworth

Alma (Alma Sedges Tidy Beets), a beautiful blue-gray mini lop -- and Ellsworth, a four-pound gray and white Dutch who acts as her chief protector and bodyguard, have a unique bond, unlike anything we've seen. Most times you will find them snuggling and grooming each other sweetly, though occasionally Ellsworth will give a loud grunt if he thinks you will harm Alma in any way. They are very funny to watch. They are four to five years old, in very good health, and must be adopted as a pair.  See more of Alma & Ellsworth

must be adopted together

Please contact Kristen Doherty ()


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