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Somebunnies Need YOU!

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These bunnies in HRS foster care need a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized. Please print out this notice and pass it around.

Barley & Hops

Meet Barley & Hops, aka "The Beer Babies". Barley & Hops are a pair of six-month-old, super-friendly "BWBs" (Big White Buns). Barley is a sweet boy and likes to be involved in whatever you are doing. Hops is a cute and curious little girl. We would like them to stay together. BWB's grow to be larger bunnies, but they have the sweetest temperaments. They are mostly laid back and easy going. BWB's are good for families with younger children. Come see for yourselves how wonderful these guys really are.

The Beer Babies

Please contact Sue Zimmerman () 419-355-8433

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