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Somebunny Needs YOU!

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This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized. Please print out this notice and pass it around.


Meet Benji. An active young male, he’s a domestic bun who looks a lot like a wild cottontail. Benji was part of a group of over twenty rabbits seized from a backyard breeder who was not feeding and caring for them. Since he was never kept as a “pet” bunny, he needs some socialization time with a family that will help him to learn to trust humans. He’s not afraid of people; he just needs to bond with someone who will take the place of his former hutchmates!  See more of Benji

help him learn to trust

Please contact Sue Zimmerman () 419-355-8433

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