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Toledo-area Rescue

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Buckeye HRS has been involved in a rescue situation in the Toledo area where eight rabbits have been taken into our foster homes. A former rescue group went out of business leaving eighty cats and these rabbits without a place to stay. The rabbits were being housed inappropriately; several unaltered rabbits were packed together in tiny cages. They were living in a filthy, frigid garage and only being fed every few days.

Two of the rabbits need more involved medical attention; another one had severe malocclusion which has already been taken care of by our veterinarian. The rest of the adults will be ready for adoption as soon as they are spayed and neutered.

You can help by sending donations for medical care and spays/neuters for these rabbits. You can also help by adopting a rabbit and helping with the overload at our foster homes. If you've been thinking about adding another rabbit to your family, now is the time. We'll be glad to play matchmaker and help you find the right pal for your current rabbit.

Another way to help is to shop at www.ohare.org in the gift shop to purchase fundraising items which help financially support our foster rabbits.

Our members have been very supportive and we thank you for your help in advance with this unique and urgent situation.

Click on the link to see some photos of the rabbits recently taken in from Toledo. For more specific information on any of them, please contact Keith Zimmerman at keith@ohare.org or 419-355-8433.








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