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Thank you

I am one of the "Bunnynators" on the Lagomorph Lounge board at http://lagomorphlounge.proboards2.com. One of our members originally posted about Finn and her story immediately touched our hearts. So we decided to make Finn our first "Needy Bun Fund" recipient! I am truly amazed at the wonderful members we have b/c it took us less than a month to raise over $200 for Finn. And if that wasn't enough, i understand that another LL member has contacted you and is in the process of adopting Finn!

Lagomorph Lounge has a website with the needy bun fund information -- http://www.geocities.com/lagomorphlounge/llneedybunfund.html -- complete with the names of members that have donated and a little background story on Finn. Feel free to check it out!

Many members wanted to make Finn a personal card with pictures of their own bunnies. I hope you enjoy it too! thanks for all the work you do helping all the homeless buns in the world.

Take care, Clara


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