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Yugo is a playful, spotted black and white bunny. He loves to climb up and observe things from above, and is showing off his acrobatics in a new home!

Yugo goes shopping

Bumper and Lucy

Bumper, a friendly yet busy little fellow, was adopted as a companion for a prior HRS adopted bunny, Lucy. The new couple is happily residing at their new home in KY.

Lucy, a lively Dutch dwarf with one blue eye and one brown eye, is doubly fortunate. Not only has she found the ideal home with the Moores of Louisville, she has also found a devoted companion in Bumper.

Bumper has eyes for ----> <---- and Lucy has eyes for him!
Bumper Lucy

Lucy stepping out


Crumpet, a relaxed and affectionate bundle of spots, has found a loving home with the Carlsons of Amesville. In addition to pets and cuddles, she's enjoying home-grown veggies.

Crumpet loves being held


Guinness, a playful, out-going, yet gentle bunny, is the center of attention with the Andrews family in Vickery. He immediately won the heart of little Ellie by accepting pets, treats, and toys, and by being his irresistibly cute self!

Good Reading ...

Guinness looks for some good reading material.

Guinness en-route

Guinness parked

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