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tiny beauty Although she weighs just over one pound, Cricket is fully grown.  This tiny beauty has enormous character -- and an enormous appetite for hay.  She's inquisitive and energetic, yet loves to be cuddled.  Once abandoned after-hours outside the Humane Society, Cricket is now happily exploring her new home with Katie Jean and Drew of Franklin, OH.

Gwyn (formerly Minnie)

Gwyn (Minnie) was adopted by Ann Zimmerman and her husband Ray, of Cleveland. She and her new friend Dylan love to play chase. loves to play chase

Mocha Sanani (formerly Andover)

a break between adventures After surviving rejection by his original owner and a parking lot tangle with an unknown animal assailant, this six-pound black bunny bundle of energy hopped into the apartment of a Buckeye House Rabbit Society member.  Formerly known as Andover, this little guy has been adopted by Suzanne Ledel and Dan Miller of Cleveland.

His current favorite pastimes include fervently courting the friendship of gray bunny Jillie (who is slowly learning the joys of a rabbit playmate), climbing to the mighty summit of the living room couch, and lying on Suzanne's feet while she works on her laptop computer.  He has been renamed Mocha Sanani in reference to one of the couple's favorite coffee blends, but prefers to go by the nickname, Mochie (pronounced Moe-key).



Tucker is a sweet and mellow male lop found wandering around outside a busy hospital.  He loves to be petted, has good litter habits, and likes playing with his cardboard tunnel. Tucker has found a good home with the Piccianos where he has lots of room to roam.

sweet and mellow


yes, this is Berkeley ... embossed
Berkeley has been adopted by Roberta Wilson and family of Pittsburgh, where he shares a home with several dogs and guinea pigs.  When he was rescued, the cuts on his mouth revealed that Berkeley's somewhat blissful existence in a neighborhood clover-filled yard would have been short-lived. Berkeley looks just like Dexter (they are not related!), white with brown markings on his ears, nose, and feet.



Panda is a female Dutch/Satin blend who was found in a field.  She weighs about 6 pounds and is very friendly.  Her favorite pastime is tossing small wicker baskets around.   found in a field Panda has found a loving home with bunny pals Summer and Hershey and the trio is providing lots of fun and love for Lin.


big, lovable ... and French! Bernie is a male French lop who resembles a teddy bear.  He is about 12 pounds and likes his neck rubbed.  Bernie has found a new home in Columbus with Darla and his new cat and dog pals.


Olive is a petite 3 lb. girl with a brush of white only on her nose and her toes. She has found a new home in Indiana with the McNeils who are giving her lots of attention and the opportunity to explore a new area, which Olive loves to do. a brush of white


  unique-looking mix  

Pepper is a unique looking dwarf mix who was adopted by the Gaspers.  He likes to be petted and is getting used to the current rabbit residents in the household.


After spending the first two years of her life in foster care, Ophelia has finally found the loving home she so deserves. She's delighting Gary and Sue with her antics and is receiving lots of pets and love in return. With time, she may even fall in love with potential bunny buddy, Spencer.

Read more in the Spotlight on Ophelia that helped her find her true home. home at last

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