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Just Big and White?

by Herta Rodina


In December 1997, a tiny white bunny was wandering around an ice-cold school playground. No one knows where she came from or why she ended up outside, snow white against the snow-covered field. And no one wants to imagine what her fate would have been if left on her own.

After several weeks in foster care, however, it became clear that she had become anything but "little". Fully grown, Ophelia weighs about 11 lbs. and has a strong and sturdy build.plain jane

And that’s part of her problem. For most people, she’s just a big, white, red-eyed rabbit with large stand-up ears; a "plain Jane" who sports no unusual markings and who doesn’t fit the image of a cute and cuddly bunny. Potential adopters give her a cursory glance and then get really interested in somebunny else, who, inevitably, is smaller and prettier.

If only someone really got to know her, he or she would discover, as I have, that Ophelia is indeed special, perhaps not in appearance, but definitely in character. This gentle, mellow bunny enjoys petting and attention, but never demands it. She’s so incredibly patient. In our household, breakfast salads are usually served around 6 a.m. and dinnertime pellets around 5 p.m. The odd time we dare sleep in on a weekend or arrive home late after work, our other rabbits, fosters and permanent residents alike, make their displeasure very clear. They thump, nudge, scramble, and generally get in the way until they’re served. Not Ophelia. She waits, calmly, until it’s her turn. Then, she always accepts a lengthy head and neck rub before allowing her appetite to distract her from human attention.

She’s active without being hyper. During exercise time, Ophelia will race around the room several times, execute a few leaps and pirouettes worthy of a plus-size ballerina, and then stretch out on her side by a wall or piece of furniture. She hasn’t shown much interest in chewing wood or carpet, but does like to scramble against fabric. She has a number of favorite toys, including a paper grocery bag with a hole cut in the bottom so that she can tunnel through.

Ophelia is in good health, has a hearty appetite (especially for hay, which she devours in great quantities), and uses her litter box regularly. The temporary foster home where she lived right after being rescued included dogs and cats, so she has experience with a multi-species household. Also, anyone seeking a furry companion for a large male rabbit might consider requesting a date with Ophelia.

A number of people have followed Ophelia's fortunes.  She has found a wonderful home -- thank you!


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