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Somebunnies Need YOU!

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These bunnies in HRS foster care need a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized. Please print out this notice and pass it around.

Daphne's Bunch

All of the following baby bunnies will be available for adoption within the next few months. Their mother, Daphne, was seized along with 375 other rabbits from Indianapolis.  Luckily, the Indiana House Rabbit Society helped to arrange her transfer to Buckeye.  Currently (July), the babies are only seven weeks old, so we need to wait until at least October to have them spayed/neutered. They are all VERY social. I socialize with them multiple times a day by holding, petting and talking to them. They thrive on the attention. If their current behavior is an indication of their demeanor as adults, they will be most wonderful house rabbits you will ever meet.

Dokken (Dok) is largest of his brothers and sister. He’s adventurous and super sweet. His hindquarters have more black than his brothers.

Kinsie, although slightly smaller than Dok, has an equally fun-loving personality.

Mo Cheeks has an all-black nose, unlike his brother Kinsie, but otherwise looks just like him.

Linny, the only baby girl, is currently more reserved than her brothers but is slowly coming out of her shell.

Mo Cheeks, Linny, Dok, Kinsie


Kinsie           Dok

Please contact Stephanie Lodge () 216-571-1088

For more information about the 375 rabbits seized, please visit

To help by a donation, see our Buckeye Alerts


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