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Volume One

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Easter is a dangerous time for rabbits ... and two excellent Easter newspaper articles are helping.  We thank Carolyn Steigman for Every bunny loves somebody sometime in the Cleveland Sun, and Mike Pulfer for Real rabbits can make for unhappy tales in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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  • Sheldon, Iris, and/or Penny would love to get to know you

  • Daisy is enjoying her new home

March 2000

More Recent Adoptions --

Elizabeth was adopted by Darlene Hering of Vermilion. Darlene responded to our need for adopting one of the emergency rescue bunnies at the APL, and lucky Elizabeth now has free run of their first floor.

Tucker (this is another Tucker, not Kristi's) was another lucky bunny adopted by the Raphaels of Pittsburgh. The Raphaels adopted him immediately when they heard of the crisis at the APL.

Cluney was adopted by Teri Markel of Wickliffe, where she hops around with friend Lacey, whom Teri also adopted.

Stormy was adopted by D.J. Howard of Chillicothe and is hoping to get a new friend soon.

Skyler (the former Sidney) was adopted by the Denihans of Pickerington. He gets lots of attention and free run of the upstairs with his new pal Prairie.

Lacey was adopted by Teri Markel of Wickliffe, after she was found romping around with her four stray friends in the neighborhood.

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July 19, 1998

Yesterday was the first anniversity for ohare.org ... in our first year, we enjoyed 6061 visits -- that's over 16 guests a day.  All our rabbits thank you and can't wait to offer you carrots (or carrot cake) in the second year!

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