Big Chompa

Big Chompa and Big Wanda have big news! They’ve found a forever home together in Cleveland Heights! They’re still dating, but their new friend Rocket the Tortoise says he can already hear the wedding bells. Chompa and Wanda are enjoying their courtship, with lots of kisses through the bars of their pens and longing looks between their litter boxes. Congrats to the humans Susan and Ian Schramfield!!

Big Chompa is a tiny man with a huge heart. He’s a snuggly bun with excellent litter box habits. His only drawback is he’s picky about his hay. This pint sized Dutch has one thing on his mind- pets!


Little Chuckie has finally found his forever home with Cherly and her family of Bellevue, OH. Chuckie loves his new digs and is doing well.

Chuckie is a bit on the shy side but will completely thrive in a home where he gets lots of attention. He is a sweet young bunny that deserves the best after a rough start in life.


Charlie and Rocco were doubly lucky with their adoption. These two single bunnies not only found a new family, but they also found each other. After some intense dating, they decided they are smitten with each other. Congratulations to Michelle, Ethan, Rose, Eleanor and Madeline!

Precious Rocco recently fathered 8 babies with Kiki. Rocco’s past is a mystery as he was rescued from living outside in a pen with chickens and turkeys. We believe the abscess he had on his shoulder was a result of his past roommates. He is still unsure of humans (with good reason), but with a little patience he will give kisses and settle down for a pet.


Lucky Kiki found her forever home with two of the most loving bunny parents. Hopefully with time her new bunny brother Gary will learn to accept her as a trusted friend. Until then, Jess and Blake will be showering Kiki with love.

Precious Kiki has made such wonderful strides towards trusting humans. When we first took her in as a foster, she was terrified of all humans. Today this demure little lady will stop eating and settle down for a pet at any given time. She is a very tidy bunny with a love of toy boats.