Lucky Kiki found her forever home with two of the most loving bunny parents. Hopefully with time her new bunny brother Gary will learn to accept her as a trusted friend. Until then, Jess and Blake will be showering Kiki with love.

Precious Kiki has made such wonderful strides towards trusting humans. When we first took her in as a foster, she was terrified of all humans. Today this demure little lady will stop eating and settle down for a pet at any given time. She is a very tidy bunny with a love of toy boats.


Dasher is a silly little guy who is ready to give his new family lots of laughs and affection. He has great litter box habits. He is curious and playful, with tons of energy and a love for exploring. But once he’s worn out he’s happy to settle into your lap for cuddles too!


Yoda’s new family reports: “This handsome boy is the perfect bunny for our family. We are so in love with him and he’s seems very happy in his new home! He loves romping around with our two young boys, chases the cats around and even plays with our yellow lab Finn! He is such a good boy, uses his litter box all day even though he has full roam of the whole house. He’s exactly what I was hoping for when I set out looking for a rabbit. We love you Boone Boone!”

Handsome Yoda was found sitting on a yard chair in Avon Lake. Lucky for him we were able foster him immediately. Yoda has already been featured on TV. This is little TV star has the silliest ears and personality to match. He’s upbeat and very friendly with strangers.

Please contact Stephanie Lodge 216-571-1088

This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.

Big Wanda

Big Chompa and Big Wanda have big news! They’ve found a forever home together in Cleveland Heights! They’re still dating, but their new friend Rocket the Tortoise says he can already hear the wedding bells. Chompa and Wanda are enjoying their courtship, with lots of kisses through the bars of their pens and longing looks between their litter boxes. Congrats to the humans Susan and Ian Schramfield!!

Big Wanda was definitely one of the lucky ones. She was sold as “dog food” and delivered to us in a box marked “trash”. She lived her life before us as a breeder rabbit without love. Now days, she can’t get enough head pets or healthy food. Big Wanda has little to no vision which makes her nervous at times, but with some positive reinforcement and vocal queues she does just fine.