Presto and his new friend Mimosa took to each other right away. They are the happiest lop couple and love snuggling each other!

Not a day goes by without him playing with his favorite toy, his blue tunnel. Presto warms up to people easily, especially if you have a treat for him. He’ll lay down with you for long petting sessions and loves getting his cheeks pet!

Tank & Scruffy

Tank & Scruffy (Betty’s babies) are so lucky to have found their forever home. Their new mom Jessica Conner is loving their new additions. The little boys are adjusting nicely to their new home. They grow up so fast!

Scruffy and Tank are bonded boys that were born on November 22, 2021 in an unexpected litter from another foster named Betty. The boys are very sweet and outgoing. If you’re looking for some silly babies to make you laugh, consider adopting these two.


Duchess Fernhilda was rescued from a drug house last year by a Good Samaritan. She was painfully shy until she met her husbun Schnitzel. This little muppet now loves life and all the attention that her new family is giving her. Congratulations Amy and Eric Brannan-Elsass!!


Fuzzy (now Finn) found love in his forever home with Becka McFarland. He made friends with bunny, Zoey and couldn’t be happier.