Sprout was found running loose outside in Cleveland, like many of our fosters. Stephanie immediately fell in love. She hoped her affectionately named “Stinky Boys” would also like Sprout, but sadly this was not the case. After seven months of attempted bonding, Zane and Tucker still have not accepted her. Fortunately for Sprout, Stephanie and Phil couldn’t say goodbye. Like many others, they now have resigned themselves to permanently having the stubborn bunnies live side by side. Congratulations to Sprout 🌱 for wearing the humans down.

Back when Stephanie still thought bonding was going to work out!


Henry wooed his way into the hearts of Renee (human) and Poptart (former BHRS foster) slowly but surely. We are happy to announce he has found his forever home and he has been binkying with joy. Congratulations to one of our long time supporters Renee Falcone!

Meet Henry! Henry is a special guy and a survivor. He was found as a stray in the February blizzard. His eye needed medical attention right away but despite our best efforts, Henry lost his eye in March. Having only one good eye hasn’t slowed dear Henry down one bit. He is super sweet and is searching for his forever home.


Joey is a mini lop with a big personality. Having lived the last few months outside, he is loving the house rabbit life. He loves sitting for pets and just lounging around with his favorite human. He has impeccable litter box habits and lives to eat his hay and fresh greens!

Please contact Amy Marshall bhrs-amy@ohare.org, please email, 330-475-9337
This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.


Dusty was adopted without even being posted to Buckeye’s website and he truly won the bunny lottery. His new parents Elisabeth and Harald are tickled pink with their new addition. Dusty went from living at Reservoir Park in Parma Heights to living a life of luxury in Shaker Heights. Congratulations Elisabeth, Harald and Dusty!