Kristin found her cozy new home with previous adopter Michelle, Ethan, Rose, Eleanor and Madeline. With time we hope Kristen and Steve (also adopted from BHRS) can be full time buddies.

Kristen (named in memory of Kristen Doherty) is an adorable, bouncy young lady. She was found on the streets in Brookpark. Her upbeat personality with a touch of ADHD makes her the life of any party.

Please contact Stephanie Lodge 216-571-1088

This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.


After the passing of Stanley (previous BHRS foster), Jill Hankinson needed to another big black bunny to love. Luckily T’Chala was happy to help and was in fact looking for a forever home. Congratulations to Jill and her family on the adoption of a big lovey bunny now named Charley.

T’Challa has been an amazing family friend for over 3 years. Unfortunately he needs a new home due to a health issue with one of his “people brothers”. He is sweet, smart, and truly delightful. T’Challa is easy going and not bothered by the loud ruckus his human brothers often make. He would bring exponential amounts of love and joy to your home.


Charlie was adopted as an “emotional support pet” by a lovely human named Lottie. He is enjoying loving on Charlie. Congratulations!

Precious Charlie was previously adopted and bonded to another. After her busbun passed away, Charlie rejected the new bun, so she is back on the market. She is sweetest softest darling bun, just don’t pluck her but!


Butterscotch finally found a forever home where she can relax! Her new friend Oadi made her feel right at home and always makes sure she’s taken care of. She even lets her new family enjoy her company. Congratulations to Butterscotch and her new family!

Butterscotch was returned to us after 5 years through no fault of her own. She is now nearing 7 years old. She is a gentle and sweet. Butterscotch would likely do well with another bun as she is very polite with her neighbors and overall mild tempered. She enjoys treats and the company of humans. Butterscotch would love to find her forever home, again.