January 2013

  • Two more designs have been added to our CafePress Gift Shop, Snuffy, Seize the Hay and Snuffy, Bunny Boo-Boo, making a total of four — four multiplied by all the items you can display them on!  A Super Supporter would buy one of each (just kidding).
  • hop over the winter blues, straight to our Spring Raffle — one of our BEST ever!  Just one dollar opens up a chance for the bright colors of a custom quilt donated by Cindi of Cottontail Quilts, and opens up a brighter spring for the rabbits in our care.  To win, you must buy your tickets by March 25.
  • MAJOR MAJOR NEWS — our giftshop is now located in the non-brick, non-mortar premises of CafePress.  The array of items is dazzling — totes, shirts, hoodies, mugs, cases, mousepads, aprons, and more, all with your choice of added logos and designs. Enter through our Gift Shop page (and note that some items, such as raffles, are still offered directly from us).  The first designs we have for you are the Buckeye House Rabbit Society logo, and Snuffy, a Buckeye House Rabbit Society mascot.
  • thank you, Irene Levy!  Our next female foster rabbit will be honored with the name Buttercup Levy, because you donated through our Name Our Next Foster Rabbit! program.
  • we are offering two more views of cutie Woodruff at play

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