Dasher is a silly little guy who is ready to give his new family lots of laughs and affection. He has great litter box habits. He is curious and playful, with tons of energy and a love for exploring. But once he’s worn out he’s happy to settle into your lap for cuddles too!

Cowboy & Mellow

Cowboy and Mellow are the cutest duo! These two are playful and gentle. Mellow is the adventurous one of the pair, she will even stand up to the big scary vacuum! These two have excellent litter habits. They would make a great family pet as they love company!


Jojo is a little bit on the timid and shy side when you first meet her, but once she’s comfortable with you she can be the sweetest girl ever! She does not do as well with loud noises. And loves to chew on anything and everything especially new toys!


Humphrey is a very friendly fellow! His favorite thing to do is explore new places so he’d love a place with plenty of space to roam! He’s never given up his sweet attitude even when he was found abandoned outside!