The New Website is Live

We have a new website to support our rabbits.  Welcome aboard!  The most recent entries will appear on the homepage, donations can be made directly to us, and by a feature called responsive design, our pages will automatically change to fit large or small screens.

Our original site will continue to be available and offers an archive of our activities and fosters since 1997.

Enjoy!  And if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact .img@.img.

Our sincere thanks to Steven Matarazzo, who motivated us to modernize our site and who contributed initial ideas and transferred content for us.

Companions Are Not Food

Whole Foods is testing the market for “rabbit”.  On behalf of rabbits everywhere, and your own special pets, send a clear message to Whole Foods about the marketplace.  DON’T SHOP where these wonderful critters are sold as meat.  Let them know they are losing your business — and your loyalty.

whole-foodsSee more about the campaign to Boycott Whole Foods, supported by the national House Rabbit Society.