We have some heartbreaking news to share. Our recently rescued lop rabbit, whom we affectionately named “Felice,” did not survive. Despite our best efforts and the love and care of our dedicated volunteer, Felice’s journey ended far too soon. 🌈
Losing Felice reminds us of the critical importance of responsible pet ownership and the devastating consequences of abandoning domestic rabbits.
Rabbits, like Felice, are not equipped to fend for themselves in the wild. They are vulnerable to predators, exposure, and starvation when left to face the harsh elements alone. Those who abandon domestic rabbits outside do nothing more than put their lives in danger.
Thank you to everyone who donated and suggested names. ❤️
Naming Credit: Adrienne Lang

While Good Samaritan Jim Kessen was walking his dog in Berea last night, he found a suffering domestic bunny who needed help. Instead of walking past, like many people did, he rescued her. This tiny flea covered, malnourished lop was dumped outside in the rain. The poor baby looked like a drowned rat and seemed like she lost her will to live. Her skin was covered with black flea dirt, making her fur feel bumpy. She has been given sub q fluids and flea medicine. Slowly we will remove the layers of filth attached to her skin. She is still very shaky on her feet and has only eaten greens so far, we hope she will soon learn that she is safe and will never be neglected again.

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