At long last Merlin has found his forever home! Rich and Bev welcomed Merlin into their home this summer after experiencing a sudden loss. Merlin was slow to warm up, but his new family has been extremely patient and loving with him. He is enjoying the comforts of his new life as an only bun. Merlin’s new parents report: “He has become very comfortable in our home. We are thoroughly enjoying his curious nature and cobwebbed whiskers are a sure sight he is enjoying himself too. His boundless energy and daily “binky binges” are so much fun to watch and generates smiles for all.”
Congratulations to Merlin, Bev, and Rich!

Meet Merlin! This playful young man has extremely good litter box habits and boundless energy! He loves to zoom around the room and quite literally “bounce off the walls”. He is very friendly and enjoys the company of humans and other animals. Merlin will make a great companion in his forever home!


Jojo’s new family is thrilled to have him! From Jojo’s mom: “We are extremely happy to have welcomed Jojo into our home. He’s smart, entertaining, handsome and just an overall goofball with a great personality. He has no problem showing our 100lb dog who the boss is. We love him so much and can’t imagine our home without him.
A big thank you to Stephanie and the BHRS for making Jojo’s adoption possible. They go above and beyond to make sure these bunnies find their forever families.” Congratulations to Jojo and family!

Jojo isn’t just a handsome face in a stunning fur coat. He is also a comedian of sorts and a foodie! Jojo loves to chill with people, but also enjoys alone time. All in all, he is the perfect bunny

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain didn’t have to wait long to find his forever home. Angela and her son Parker met him and instantly fell in love. Congratulations!

Captain Crunch

Tigi AKA Captain Crunch finally started shedding out her old yucky fur and immediately got adopted. Her future is looking bright! New mom Lucinda in Columbus is excited to have finally adopted a this little girl.

Tigi aka Captain Crunch, a teenager is excellent with her potty and loves bunny neighbors. Her fur is still slightly crunch but it growing out. We can already see what a beautiful bun she will become with time. Her favorite hobby is flipping her hidey box.

Please contact Stephanie Lodge 216-571-1088

This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.