Bee was surrendered to the Cleveland Animal Protective League on 12/27/08. Shortly after her intake, it became apparent that she was not people-friendly. She lived with Stephanie Lodge for a bit in hopes of socialization, but by 8/17/09, we decided life in sanctuary was the best option for her. Even though Bee did not show any outward feelings of love towards us, we loved her for who she was. Bee lived with Kristen Doherty for about 11 years. She was at least 13 years old and up until recently, she was healthy and happy. Her health declined suddenly; Bee was simply running out of gas. On Saturday, December 26, we decided the kindest treatment for her was euthanasia. We did not make this decision lightly, but the signs told us it was the right path to take for her. Binky Free, Bee!

Bee is a beautiful bunny with a strong defensive streak and will bite if she feels her territory is being invaded. No matter how hard we try to get to know her, she hasn’t yet let her guard down after five years. We’ll keep trying until she’s ready, and she will always have a place in our Sanctuary home.


Our sanctuary rabbits require special love and care. Their home is with us at the sanctuary and they are not available for adoption. You can directly support these rabbits by sponsoring them.

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