Oswald or Oswaldo is a special bunny. He is always on the move and wants to know what is happening at all times. He is always hungry, but never gains weight since he never stops moving. Oswaldo is mostly a nice bunny, unfortunately he can also be bitey. We think his troubled past rears its ugly head from time to time which causes Oswald to act out. As a result of this, his status has become a sanctuary bunny. He is quite happy with his current family. He is so happy in fact that he hasn’t bitten anyone in awhile. Clearly his sanctuary mom Emily is an ADVANCED BEAST MASTER.


Sadly Kilian passed away on Christmas day. Christmas Eve and he seemed off, so we started him on subcutaneous fluids, medicine and critical care. By Christmas morning, he was already gone. We are all so very sad about his passing. Although he was never a cuddly bunny, he was always nice. He never once bit us when we held him to trim his nails or groomed him – so soft and squishy. Thinking back to when we first took him in as a foster, he had changed so much once his diet improved. Binky free sweet marshmallow Kilian.


Big, white, reserved, Honalee lived more than eleven years in sanctuary. She ate enthusiastically and blissed out on the vibes of any music she heard. Normally content to stay near her litterbox, Honalulu showed a surprising drive to explore when we stopped on overnight trips. Her days passed in peace but her full personality didn’t show until her final year when she lost the use of her hind legs and could no longer control her bladder. She needed increasing hands-on care and the more care we gave, the more she responded to touch. In her final weeks, lying always flat on one side, she would press her forehead up for a pet in a way that said “this is the closest bond I’ve ever had.” Somewhere over the rainbow, we hope she is hearing music.  David Sharpe and Herta Rodina


Please join us in welcoming Honalee as a Sanctuary Rabbit.  We’ve enjoyed her company for almost five years and have seen her develop into a warm, sensitive friend.  But she is white with red eyes, and can be very shy.  Because of that combination, she is passed over when homes become available.  She has not found a forever home, and so we are giving her ours.  Think of her when you see a white rabbit with red eyes looking for love.  That plain cover opens up to a wonderful story inside.  Herta & David

Here is her original write-up —

Have you ever wanted back into a time of innocence, when rabbits could be big and white and magic? This young lovely, born in spring ’09, sibling to Napoleon, will take you there. Open your door to her, and come home every day to the land of Honalee.  See more of Honalee below.



Our sanctuary rabbits require special love and care. Their home is with us at the sanctuary and they are not available for adoption. You can directly support these rabbits by sponsoring them.


Andy is a mini-lop who is nearly ten years old.  He came to our foster home in 2018 when his owner needed to move into assisted living.  Andy was not neutered and we had to have that done when he was eight years old.  Once healed from his neuter surgery, we bonded him to sanctuary bunny Jessica, another mini-lop of the same age.  The pair lived together in harmony for only two short months before Jessica passed away in 2019.  Andy is incontinent eighty-percent of the time and uses his litter box only occasionally.  Andy lives on fleece padding to keep his fur dry and clean.  We believe he has some arthritis in his back legs but other than that, he is a relatively happy and healthy bun.  We have decided that it is best if he lives out his days in our sanctuary program.

Our sanctuary rabbits require special love and care. Their home is with us at the sanctuary and they are not available for adoption. You can directly support these rabbits by sponsoring them.