Chalupa Supreme

Chalupa Supreme is the king of fourth meal in his new castle. This boy LOVES his food and his new family! At first he was a bit shy, but each day his spunky personality comes out more and more. His favorite things include snacking on hay, being held, and getting the zoomies around the house. Chalupa is also very excited to move to Idaho next month to attend medical school with his new mom. He is already a firm believer in the saying “some lettuce each day keeps the doctor away” so he should be all set! He is very happy to be in his new home and his new family loves him immensely already.

Chalupa Supreme would love to experience “Fourth Meal” in his forever home. After being found slightly injured outside in Fairview park he is working on making up for lost lettuces! Here is enjoying his first meal indoors. That head of lettuce never stood a chance. Despite his past this boy LOVES cuddles and attention, he will head-butt for pets. He is highly food motivated and would likely have a hard time sharing meals with another bun but he is unbothered by noises and other animals, a truly chill dude.

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