Kate came to us in 2017 as a stray.  She was overweight and was having issues keeping her back-end clean.  After Kate got down to a healthy weight, her hygiene issues continued and we noticed a number of digestive problems.  That same year, Kate had surgery to repair a physical defect around her vent area.  Today, Katie is a sweet and shy bunny who loves free time away from her pen for exploring.  She’s very healthy but must stay on a restricted diet that consists mainly of high quality hay, limited greens, and absolutely no sugar.  Because of her age and on-going heath issues, we are moving Kate from the adoptables into our sanctuary program.

Kate is a charming Harlequin mix with beautiful gray stripes in her white fur.  She is social and likes to run around and explore.

Our sanctuary rabbits require special love and care. Their home is with us at the sanctuary and they are not available for adoption. You can directly support these rabbits by sponsoring them.

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