Millie was part of the North Hill Rescue. The evening she was captured she gave birth to 12 babies. She was waiting for a safe place to deliver, which happened quickly once she arrived in her foster home. Millie was a wonderful bunny mom caring for her babies and tolerant of them until they were weaned. Once Millie was spayed she was quickly adopted by a previous adopter who wanted to find a friend for their rabbit named Phil. The Grove-McDonough family fell in love with Millie and it did not take long for Millie and Phil (former buckeye bun) to bond. They love to snuggle and Millie knows she will always be loved in her forever home.

Millie is the sweetest rabbit who loves spending her day munching on hay, playing, and snuggling with her foster mom. She was found as a stray and soon after gave birth to 11 babies in foster care. After being a wonderful mother she is ready to find her forever home to be spoiled with lots of love and attention.

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