Tinkerbell didn’t have to look far for a new home! She charmed her foster mom, Kyra, into letting her stay for good. Who could say no to that fluffy face! Congratulations to Kyra and Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell is a sweet, little Lionhead, who is approximately a year old. She has great litterbox habits and loves to play with her toys and sit on top of her ‘hide-y box’. She is a bit shy, but will warm up, given time and patience. Tinkerbell would thrive in a home with lots of room to run and play. A home without dogs/cats/young children recommended. She can be territorial with other rabbits.

Miss Maisel

Marvel (formerly Miss Maisel) used her super powers to charm her way into the hearts of her new family as soon as they met. She is already living up to her superhero name and exploring new heights in her new home! After such a rough start to life Marvel is thoroughly enjoying the comforts of her forever home where she never has to eat another hot dog bun again. Congratulations to Marvel and the Mang family!

Miss Maisel was rescued by a community member in a parking garage outside of Progressive Field (downtown Cleveland). She was found eating a hot dog bun with an extreme case of ear mites, so much so she was originally thought to be a lop. After some TLC from her rescuer and A LOT of fresh hay, greens, and Revolution (for the mites); Maisel’s ears are back up and so are her spirits. She is a sweet cuddle bug who loves company at meal times and head pets before bed (and treats). Maisel will make a wonderful addition to her fur-ever family and hopes that they can provide her with the same affection that she is willing to share.


At long last Merlin has found his forever home! Rich and Bev welcomed Merlin into their home this summer after experiencing a sudden loss. Merlin was slow to warm up, but his new family has been extremely patient and loving with him. He is enjoying the comforts of his new life as an only bun. Merlin’s new parents report: “He has become very comfortable in our home. We are thoroughly enjoying his curious nature and cobwebbed whiskers are a sure sight he is enjoying himself too. His boundless energy and daily “binky binges” are so much fun to watch and generates smiles for all.”
Congratulations to Merlin, Bev, and Rich!

Meet Merlin! This playful young man has extremely good litter box habits and boundless energy! He loves to zoom around the room and quite literally “bounce off the walls”. He is very friendly and enjoys the company of humans and other animals. Merlin will make a great companion in his forever home!


Butterscotch was returned to us after 5 years through no fault of her own. She is now
nearing 7 years old. We would love to find her a permanent home where she will be lavished and loved on for the rest of her days.

Please contact Maggie Reading mreading@ohare.org 216-509-9715

This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.