Rosa & Satie

Meet Rosa and Satie,

Rosa was part of a rescue in Akron, Ohio BHRS was called about. Rosa had 3 surviving babies nested on someone’s front porch. Once in rescue Rosa gave birth to an additional litter of rabbits. Satie is one of those babies, now 9 months old and bonded to her Mom.

They are acclimating well to the house rabbit life. Rosa is coming out of her shell with the help of her more adventurous and inquisitive daughter. Satie is a charmer, young, spunky and playful she has adapted well to being doted on by her foster family.

They would do well with a patient and attentive family. They love their toys, their hidey box and zooming into their tunnel. When they finally wind down they can often be found snuggling together. They are voracious hay eaters and Rosa has butt-twitches from excitement when she gets her fresh salads.

These girls I filled with personality and fun and already bonded!

Please contact Renee Argento
This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.

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