Rabbit Poetry Wanted

Does your rabbit make you sing,
Write with joy and run with rhymes?
Join us for a Harelines fling —
Send your lyrics or your lines.

We invite your original poems of any kind!  We’ll include a selection of poetry written by our rabbit-inspired readers in the next issue of our newsletter, Harelines.

Please send them to .img@.img by April 12.


 Whitby contemplates retelling The Tortoise and The Hare
in rhyme (he’s a fan of The Hare)


Happy New Year!

Our sanctuary rabbit, Honalee, is unconcerned about the passage of time.  All you need is your own personal Tube.


Bow/Stern  Prologue/Epilogue

Old Year
Old Year

Relax!  Have a Good One.

the Buckeye House Rabbit Society

August 2014

  • here’s our front-line report from the Day of Action at Whole Foods in Cleveland — pointing a finger at Whole Foods selling our friends for FOOD!
  • we are up to our ears in foster buns. These adorable bunnies are in need of permanent homes. Meet Tobey, Jessica, and Kia.
  • cuteness times seven!  Babies from a rescue in Indiana are eager to grow up in your home. The Indiana Babies are two boys and five girls — and one has a bunny marking on the nose. Can you see which one?
  • the national House Rabbit Society is coordinating a Day of Action Focused on Whole Foods: August 17.  Join in to express your distaste for the decision by Whole Foods to sell rabbits for meat.

July 2014

  • honey-bun Squiggle is ready and eager for adoption
  • Whole Foods is testing the market for “rabbit”.  But Companions are not Food!  We join the national House Rabbit Society in urging you to Boycott Whole Foods.