Our beautiful sanctuary bunny, Claire, has passed away.  We were told that she had had advanced uterine cancer when we first took her in.  The vet gave us a grim outlook and we were not expecting her to make it more than one year.  Claire surprised us and lived out her days as a happy normal bunny.  She loved our dogs even more than her humans.  Claire was a joy to have in our lives and we knew that every extra day with her was a gift.  Claire lived for two and half years past her original diagnosis.  We miss our little “Clarisse” but we carry great memories of her in our hearts.  Binky free, little Claire.

Sue and Keith Zimmerman


Sweet little Claire has such a sad story to tell. Claire is around two years old and was surrendered to a shelter by her breeder who no longer wanted her. The shelter had contacted us to see if we could take her. When we had a spot available, we took Claire into our foster home.

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As usual we scheduled our new foster bunny to be spayed soon after she had arrived in our home. Sadly, cancer was found in Claire’s uterus during her surgery. Our vet was certain that he had removed all of the cancer and that she would have a chance of a good life. A few weeks later Claire’s pathology results were given to us and the prognosis was not good. Cancer cells were found not only inside of the uterus but outside as well; meaning that the cancer has spread inside of her tiny body. The vet was honest with us and said he did not know how long she had.

Right now Claire is showing no signs of illness but we know that can change for her at any moment. We are spoiling her rotten and giving her extra special attention and love. Claire is a lovely, gentle bun. She has big beautiful eyes that will melt your heart every time that you look into them. She loves to be held and cuddled and enjoys free time outside of her pen. She loves being in her cardboard box and her special strawberry hidey hut.


Our sanctuary rabbits require special love and care. Their home is with us at the sanctuary and they are not available for adoption. You can directly support these rabbits by sponsoring them.

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