October, 2008

It is with tremendous sadness that I’m letting you know that Harvey, my beloved sanctuary rabbit, passed away. He was a black lop we’ve had for the last four years and had the most interactive personality of any rabbit I’ve ever had.

He used to seek me out and jump on my lap on the family room couch to watch TV in the evenings and groom me. If I was in the living room reading while Bill was watching something else, Harvey would make his way up the steps to the living room to sit or lie with me on that couch. Even though he was deaf, it seemed he always knew where I was.

I miss him terribly and even though there are other rabbits in the house, there is a huge void in our lives. He was my best pal.

Harvey had medical issues from the day he came to us. Bad teeth, bad ears, bad tear ducts, sneezing goop, etc. His chronic pasteurella manifested in many forms. He has had several surgeries for facial and ear abscesses over the years and always remained super friendly. Even his veterinarian, Dr. Riggs, thought Harvey was a very rare personality (they all loved him up there, too) and said Harvey belonged on the Mt. Rushmore of Rabbits. 🙂



Harvey is a mini-lop who is about five years old. He has a deformed jaw which
causes him lots of dental and ear problems.

Since his jaw doesn’t line up, his teeth cannot wear properly and he has to have his molars trimmed every two months by his veterinarian. Due to his dental problems, he cannot eat greens like a normal rabbit — they become impacted in his mouth. In order to get some veggies in him, he gets pure canned pumpkin instead of a salad each morning. He loves the pumpkin and gets an orange chin until he has a chance to groom himself after eating..

He also has chronic ear problems which sometimes lead to respiratory infections. His ears get flushed at the vet every two months and he is often on antibiotic ear drops. His ears also get cleaned daily at home. Most recently, he had a respiratory infection that required twice-daily antibiotic injections for nearly a month to clear up. His medical bills will always be ongoing and can be quite expensive.

Throughout all the poking, prodding, digging and cleaning, Harvey has kept his sweet personality. He loves to be petted and jumps on the couch to watch TV in the evenings.

Kristi Cole

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