Lucky Kiki found her forever home with two of the most loving bunny parents. Hopefully with time her new bunny brother Gary will learn to accept her as a trusted friend. Until then, Jess and Blake will be showering Kiki with love.

Precious Kiki has made such wonderful strides towards trusting humans. When we first took her in as a foster, she was terrified of all humans. Today this demure little lady will stop eating and settle down for a pet at any given time. She is a very tidy bunny with a love of toy boats.


Poe was found by good samaritans in Triangle Bog near Kent. He’s a sweet little man, who adores attention and love! He displays the scanning activity of a lot of red-eyed rabbits that is indicative of not great eyesight but that does not slow him down at all. We think he would make a great potential friend for another rabbit as well as he gets along great with his foster brother.
His coat is thick and dense and requires regular grooming, which he is a very good boy for. He has the most epic bunny flops we’ve seen


Disby was found by good samaritans in Stow where he was found wandering around a relative’s backyard. The family, being animal-lovers, recognized this was not at all a safe situation for a domestic rabbit. The 5-year old rescuer named him Disby. He’s a young, VERY inquisitive and playful fellow. He also is extremely food motivated! We think he would do well with a friend as he regularly mingles with his foster brother Poe.

Please contact Renee Argento

This bunny in HRS foster care needs a permanent home. All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.


Butterscotch was returned to us after 5 years through no fault of her own. She is now nearing 7 years old. She is a gentle and sweet. Butterscotch would likely do well with another bun as she is very polite with her neighbors and overall mild tempered. She enjoys treats and the company of humans. Butterscotch would love to find her forever home, again.