July 2013

  • Daphne and four of her babies will be ready for adoption in the coming months.  Choose one now to give them a brighter future than they faced before the Indiana HRS rescued 375 all at once.  If you can’t offer a home, please consider helping with the costs of this rescue (Buckeye Alerts).
  • well, it didn’t take long for Gustavo (GusGusGus) to find his forever home. Long-time supporter Gregg Page and his other bun, Scooter, have welcomed Gus into their home and hearts. Gus couldn’t have found a better, more caring home.

June 2013

  • Gustavo (GusGusGus) has recovered from his broken leg (thanks for your concern and help!).  Now a complete healing would include a whole and happy home.  Is that home yours?
  • rescue groups all over are helping the Indiana HRS handle an incredible 375 rabbits from a single unloving ‘home’.  If you can help with a donation for spay/neuter (or even with an offer of a loving home), please use our online donation page and identify your contribution with the message Indiana.
  • we’re introducing a page for Rabbit Supplies — we launch this resource with links for healthy hay, including a generous sponsorship by Small Pet Select Hay (free shipping and 10% of the sale donated to our fosters)

May 2013

  • announcing a Photo Contest to show off your beloved bunny.  We’ll feature the winning photo on our CafePress merchandise.  Give us your best shot — soon! (the deadline is August 1)
  • unveiled!  The custom quilt resulting from our Spring Raffle, crafted by Cindi Glinski for our winner, Carey Miklavcic.  Here are two soft rabbits on a soft work of art they would love to lie on!

April 2013

  • GusGus and his leg are mending, thanks to love and surgical skill.  But his operation and follow-up care are expensive — so we need your help!  Take a look at this spirited bunny and see what you can do — A Broken Leg; An Unbroken Heart
  • Buttercup Levy is enjoying doing binkies in her new home with Rachel Levy.  Buttercup Levy was named by Irene Levy with the Name Our Next Fosterprogram.  Cuddle-loving Woodruff is now the center of attention in his new home with Carrie and Bill of Clintonville.  All the best to Woodruff!