Sahara is the center of attention in her new home with Grace DeLong. When she’s not exploring her spiffy condo, she’s soaking up love and cuddles on a favorite lap.

Meet Sahara! This goofy bundle of cuteness has a mighty personality to match her lionhead looks. Dumped at an apartment complex in Athens, Sahara was rescued by dedicated animal lovers who finally corralled her when she took refuge on a metal shelf beneath the radiator of their car. How this 4 lb. bunny was able to survive on her own surrounded by dogs, cats, cars, and wild predators is anyone’s guess. Sahara’s age is unknown, but her excellent health and speedy recovery from her spay suggest she’s a young adult. Calm for a small bun, Sahara loves pets and lap time and will really warm up to you once you’ve earned her trust.





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