Palmer, now Humphrey Bogart, has found his forever home! Humphrey reports:
“I am so excited I could binky everywhere! I have found my furever home with my new family. I have become part of a loving and crazy home with my mom and dad, four creatures my mom keeps calling them cats and I guess their names are Taz, Arnie, Sophie and Spatzle. They are weird and special, but like to hangout with me. I also have a bunny brother named Thumper (my mom is so original with his name, lol). My mom keeps telling me I am a handsome and sweet gentleman and I need a name to match it. So she calls my Humphrey Bogart, Humphrey for short. I feel very loved, safe and happy. I love doing binkys all the time, especially when it is breakfast and dinner. I am very shy and can get scared easily. Mom says it’s ok that it will take to earn her trust and feel more confident about my surroundings. Thumper and mom are hoping one day maybe him and I will bond and we can both hop around the house at the same time. If we don’t bond it’s ok. Having the company of him in the same room is nice and he agrees. I just know my mom tells me how much she loves me multiple times a day and I am not going anywhere! I am so lucky I found my home I can feel comfortable in and blossom.”

Rabbit rescue has a lot of ups and downs. We are super sad to report that foster bun Margie passed away due to a particularly bad case of stasis. A few weeks after lonely Palmer met his his new family. While the adoption is still pending due to bonding, he has been showing off his binky skills which turned out to be quite impressive. Stay tuned for more.

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