Update: August 2017:  The Hinca family decided to add a second BHRS bunny to their home this year.  George was adopted and is now becoming “BFFs” with former foster, Brutus.

Big Bunny Brutus has hopped into the home of the Hinca family of Fremont, Ohio.  We wish him the Big Bunny Best!

If you are looking for a big, good-looking fun bunny, Brutus is your guy.  Once he gets his courage up to leave his pen, he loves to explore everything he sees.  He melts for pets and will let you hold him, too.

As a graduate of the Sandusky County Twelve, he is one happy outcome of all the goodwill and giving from our supporters.  Thank you!

This bunny in BHRS foster care needs a permanent home.  All BHRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.

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