Farewell to Martina who lived to a ripe old age of 12.  She was a foster bunny with the Coles, got adopted and then her person died about 4 years later.  She returned to the Coles and stayed as a sanctuary rabbit for over 5 years until her passing.  She mellowed with age and the last year or so, we were able to pet her without fear of getting bitten.  Rest easy, beautiful girl.


Here is her original entry:  Martina is a gorgeous female silver marten rabbit. She was a Buckeye HRS foster rabbit who was adopted back in 2004 to a loving home. In 2008, her owner, though only in her 30’s, passed away from cancer, so Martina came back to her original foster home. Martina has chronic pasteurella and upper respiratory ailments. Though treated by an experienced rabbit vet, she will always sneeze and needs frequent nebulizer treatments.

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