Poppy and Marigold

Poppy and Marigold, now Nebula and Gamora (Nebby and Mora for short), have found their forever home with Luke and Alaina.  Congrats, ladies!!

These twin lops are doubly adorable and double the fun!  While nearly impossible to tell apart, their personalities give their identities away.  But if you look hard, you can see Poppy has a darker face with a brown spot on her forehead and Marigold is a little lighter brown along her neck and back.


Poppy is more adventurous, while Marigold is more laid-back and reserved.  Both are sweethearts who enjoy snuggling together.  You can find Poppy towering above all like the little queen she is in their hay bin or atop a cardboard box, while Marigold is likely hiding underneath.  Poppy loves attention and is first to hop over for pets and treats.  Once Marigold sees you are no threat, she will cautiously follow her twin for some head rubs.

The girls would likely get along with other pets as long as the other pets are nice to them!  They are housed near other bunnies and dogs.  We’d want to adopt them together, since they are so close.

These bunnies in BHRS foster care needed a permanent home. All BHRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.

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