SuzieQ came to Sarah as a foster and quickly won her heart.  Sarah can’t imagine life without Q and so she had to adopt her.   Simply watching Q play is a joy itself.  Q is very particular about her hay box.  She’ll grab clumps of hay to move them to just the right spot, push, shove, jump around in circles until they’re just right.  A fast worker, Q also (de)constructs cardboard boxes.  Sarah has loved watching her grow and become the confident bunny she is now.  

SuzieQ is a shy girl whose first love is “deconstructing” her cardboard boxes.  Give her a window and within the hour, she’ll give you french doors (she’s a fast worker).  Q is great at using her hay box, and rearranges things just to her liking.  She is a beautiful girl and when she stretches out, you’ll love seeing all her beautiful markings. 

This bunny in HRS foster care needed a permanent home.  All HRS rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, and socialized.

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